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emacs crashes during make bootstrap

From: Daniel Brooks
Subject: emacs crashes during make bootstrap
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 14:42:10 -0600
User-agent: Gnus/5.11 (Gnus v5.11) Emacs/22.0.91 (gnu/linux)

I've successfully built emacs 22 from cvs on this machine, but recently I had 
the opportunity to upgrade (aka hardware failure) and now use a 64 bit system. 
My existing copy of emacs works just fine, but I went to recompile it one day, 
and it segfaults when I try to run the newly compiled emacs. make bootstrap is 
an easy way to reproduce it.

Here's what I see:

../src/bootstrap-emacs -batch --no-site-file --multibyte -l autoload --eval 
'(setq generated-autoload-file "/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/loaddefs.el")' -f 
batch-update-autoloads $wins
Directories: /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/. /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./eshell 
/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./textmodes /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./progmodes 
/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./gnus /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./play 
/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./international /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./mh-e 
/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./url /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./net 
/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./mail /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./erc 
/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./language /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./toolbar 
/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./emacs-lisp /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./calendar 
/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./emulation /home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/./calc
/bin/sh: line 1: 27596 Segmentation fault      ../src/bootstrap-emacs -batch 
--no-site-file --multibyte -l autoload --eval '(setq generated-autoload-file 
"/home/db48x/src/emacs/lisp/loaddefs.el")' -f batch-update-autoloads $wins
make[2]: *** [autoloads] Error 139

Here's a stack:

#0  re_match_2_internal (bufp=0x8ce438, string1=Variable "string1" is not 
) at regex.c:5742
#1  0x00000000004fde26 in re_search_2 (bufp=0x8ce438, str1=0x0, size1=0, 
str2=0x13f43b0 "/usr/local/share/emacs/22.0.91/etc", size2=34, startpos=25, 
range=Variable "range" is not available.
) at regex.c:4435
#2  0x00000000004fe553 in re_search (bufp=Variable "bufp" is not available.
) at regex.c:4207
#3  0x00000000004f6f9f in fast_string_match (regexp=Variable "regexp" is not 
) at search.c:510
#4  0x00000000004e1ddd in Ffind_file_name_handler (filename=21328403, 
operation=9527217) at fileio.c:388
#5  0x00000000004e30cd in Ffile_name_as_directory (file=21328403) at 
#6  0x000000000055328c in init_callproc_1 () at callproc.c:1521
#7  0x00000000004b1923 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7fff0b3007e8) at emacs.c:1513

I'm not at all familiar with the internals of emacs, so has anyone else seen 
anything like this? How should I go about fixing it? The only configure option 
I've used is --with-gtk, but given the stack that doesn't look like it's a 


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