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Re: font-lock in rexx-mode

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: font-lock in rexx-mode
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 21:16:51 -0500
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> I'm using rexx-mode.el from 
> In rexx, I could say
>   foo = "\"
> and the backslash is just a character in quotes.  But with font-lock-mode 
> enabled, the backslash breaks recognition of the end of the string and 
> syntax coloring breaks.  Is there a way to turn off the special meaning of 
> backslash when in rexx mode?

Of course: each mode sets up its own `syntax-table' where the meaning of
each char is described.  So if in Rexx a \ should not escape the next char,
the syntax-table should be changed.
Currently rexx-mode.el does:

  (modify-syntax-entry ?\\ "\\" rexx-mode-syntax-table)

which as that \ should be treated as an escape char.  So either this line is
in error, or the \ should sometimes be treated as an escape char and
sometimes not.  I don't know anything about the syntax of Rexx, so I have no
idea when \ escapes and when it doesn't.  E.g. how do you escape a " inside
a string in Rexx?


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