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Re: *** WHO MURDERED ALEXANDER LITVINENKO - Russia or Israel or USA ? **

From: thermate
Subject: Re: *** WHO MURDERED ALEXANDER LITVINENKO - Russia or Israel or USA ? ***
Date: 6 Dec 2006 14:37:13 -0800
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Mr Litvinenko, this type of wisdom is off-topic in this newsgroups,
please publish your thesis elsewheres

Borked Pseudo Mailed wrote:
> A new turn in the investigation of Alexander Litvinenko has
> recently emerged from the fact that he had converted to Islam
> and become a Muslim. On his death bed, he requested for an
> Islamic Burial. Follow this link:
> BB470F189DFE.htm
> It is quite clear there are a number of actors on the world
> stage who gain to benefit from Alexander's Murder if they knew
> him well enough. It explains, why Litvinenko was an honest
> investigator who chose to expose corruption. Why he refused to
> act as a murderer and liquidate Berezovsky.
> It is also known that he had visited Israel. One cannot expect
> the same charity from the Zionists to murder him as he refused
> to liquidate Berezovsky. Could it be that the Israelis knew he
> had converted to Islam and that he would suspect and accuse
> Putin for his murder if killed in a sinister fashion? Could it
> be that the Polonium-210 that killed him was manufactured in
> Dimona?
> After all, one of the goals of the Zionists is to pit anyone and
> everyone against the world of Islam. Who can forget the 5
> dancing Israelis on the day of 911 ?
> For background knowledge, you can visit the excellent sites of
> and Also you can find the free
> book, Holocaust Victims Accuse, where the Jewish Rabbi
> Wasserman, who lived in Aushwitz, testifies in painful detail
> how the Zionists deliberately provoked Hitler to kill the jews
> so that they can get the land of Palestine. If that is the value
> of Jewish blood to the Zionists, one Alexander Litvinenko means
> nothing. Can anyone recall how Yassir Arafat was killed
> mysteriously? How 911 was a controlled demolition? How Apartment
> complexes in Russia were blown up to justify the second Chechen
> war? There are many suspects with motives and capabilities,
> including Tony Blair's Britian itself where one of their own
> BIOWeapons expert committed (was made to commit) suicide by
> slashing his wrist?
> The Muslims in Russia are loyal and upright members of the
> and they will utterly refrain from any crimes. For example, read
> this link:
> and the interview with Father Viacheslav Polosin.
> We are accusing no one in this matter. We are asking for A VERY
> on the table.
> Alexander Litvinenko

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