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Need a simple text mode

From: hemant
Subject: Need a simple text mode
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 12:42:58 +0530


I wanted a simple text mode, in which all the newlines should be
started at the previous indentation level and If i want to change the
indentation level from any given line I would press <TAB> key, which
would insert 2 spaces from the current indentation level and indent
the line.

Many would claim, this is already the behaviour, but its not so. If I
press TAB sometimes I get indentation width of 2 or 4 or 8 spaces.
Even though I have set tab-stop variable to:

2 4 6 8 10 ....

So for setting up uniform indentation of 2 spaces in text mode, I did:

(define-key text-mode-map [tab] (lambda
                                () (interactive) (insert "  ")))

I guess, you would agree this is not the solution.

Any help?

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