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displaying c- and assembler-code combined

From: Martin
Subject: displaying c- and assembler-code combined
Date: 4 Dec 2006 02:20:23 -0800
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I was wondering if there is anybody that has been using emacs to
display c-code in one window and the generated assembler-code in a
second emacs-window?

I was thinking about using the ouput of "objdump --disassemble main.o"
to display my c-code main.c alongside the generated object-code. On top
I would like to calculate the object code size for each function and
display this too. This way I could see how efficient my coding is (in
terms of object code size) and would see which parts of my code
generate huge sized blocks.

Anybody thought about something like this or has already done it?

Thanks in advance


P.S.: I _do_ know that this does not work "on-the-fly" as the object
code first has to be generated. But if I want to review my code this is
not a problem since I am not longer writing code, but just reviewing
If there was an emacs-module for this, I would anyway suggest it to
display a read-only buffer.

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