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C-home in virtual console for emacs and bash

From: Jonas Bernoulli
Subject: C-home in virtual console for emacs and bash
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 23:51:06 +0100


i would like to have Control_Home and alike available in bash and
emacs when using a virtual console just like i do in X. however there
is no such keysymbol in the kernels keymap.

without any modifications C-home is available in emacs but not bash.

in order to make it work in bash also, i added this to my keymap,
faking the  keysym as in X:

string F101 = "\033[1;5H"
control keycode  102= F101

now i can use C-home in bash but not in emacs anymore :-(

when pressing C-home in emacs now instead of calling the function
bound to C-home the characters "5H" are entered in the buffer.

when i test with `M-x describe-key-briefly' i get "M-[ 1 : is
undefined" and "5H" is written to the current buffer again.

so currently while in a virtual console i have the choice between
having C-home available in bash or emacs

i understand this is not a emacs only problem, in fact emacs has dealt
with this limitation of the kernels but unfortunately in a way that is
not compatible with the workaround for applications like bash that
depend on readline for their key handling.

if someone has a suggestion how emacs could be thought to work with
above workaround for bash i would be very thankful.

i am afraid the keysyms are hardcoded somewhere in c-code. so if
someone could tell me where the keysyms are defined this might allow
me to add the additional keysyms i need.


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