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Re: vertical windows

From: Dieter Wilhelm
Subject: Re: vertical windows
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 18:55:00 +0100
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Jan Brosius <address@hidden> writes:

> Tom Rauchenwald wrote:
>> Jan <address@hidden> writes:
>>> Hello,
>>> Is in possible to split a window in vertical windows as can be done in
>>> xemacs?
>> Yes, type C-x 3

Please try also "C-h b", you'll like it, 8-), I guess.

> Thanks I begin to love emacs. Thanks to all people who made emacs

Must have been some, I read the current developer list counted around
100.  But there is a guy which started the whole thing--I have
difficulties remembering names--but the name sounded somehow like the
'Root Mean Square'.

    Best wishes

    H. Dieter Wilhelm
    Darmstadt, Germany

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