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Re: Meta-key Madness (argh!!)

From: Howard Yeh!
Subject: Re: Meta-key Madness (argh!!)
Date: 2 Dec 2006 13:24:46 -0800
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David Kastrup wrote:
> "Howard Yeh!" <address@hidden> writes:
> > I can't figure out how to bind "C-["
> >
> > For some reason
> >
> > (global-set-key "\C-[" 'insert-parentheses)
> >
> > unbinds all my meta keys, and pressing "C-[" gives me the ESC key. What
> > gives?
> That's how things are on text terminals.  On graphical terminals,
> (local-set-key [C-\[] 'insert-parentheses)
> could conceivably make a difference, but apparently it doesn't.

You mean emacs still can't tell when used under a graphical terminal?

> > I also has trouble binding c-i, m-i, because they are synonyms for
> > <TAB>. Though I have really ugly work around for them. Is there any
> > established way to deal with this sort of problems?
> Accept that ESC is the same as C-[.

I remapped c-i to c-> in emacs, and bind the function i want to c->. So
emacs *can* tell apart c-i and <tab>. But simply binding to c-i doesn't
work as advertised.

Strangely, it works to bind C-[ in my lisp-mode.

I am anal retentive about my key bindings...  This is not the first
time I've struggled with bindings to control key synonyms.

I absolutely need C-i because I bind my arrow keys to C-i,j,k,l.
This is so my hand doesn't have to move as much. The default
emacs bindings are not very ergonomic.

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