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prospective multi-save function

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: prospective multi-save function
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 21:16:55 -0600

Since I don't understand or trust the backup process or vc capabilities of
emacs, I would like to have a way off saving the buffer to different
devices by issuing a single command. It seems that these
devices/directories could be fished out of a list and then passed to
save-buffer, save-current-buffer, write-file, etc. It would be useful (to
me at least) to save to the current working directory where the main file
associated with the buffer is, then to an external usb drive, one or more
flash drives, and even to a zip drive or floppy in some cases.
I notice that save-current-buffer has the docstring:

save-current-buffer is a special form.
(save-current-buffer &rest BODY)

Save the current buffer; execute BODY; restore the current buffer.
Executes BODY just like `progn'.

Could  the code for saving the buffer in other places be put into this
BODY? Does it have to go into an explicit (progn... ? Since this is a
special form is it not even avisable to muck around in this area? Why does
it even exist? The compiled lisp function save-buffer claims that it
"saves current buffer." Are there hooks to write and save functions?


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