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Watch Alex Jones' Terror Storm, Bohemian Grove, Arrest Video, on video.g

From: st911
Subject: Watch Alex Jones' Terror Storm, Bohemian Grove, Arrest Video, on and
Date: 1 Dec 2006 11:03:32 -0800
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The one who digs a trap for others falls into it himself. - Moral law
of all religions.

Our confidence in 911 controlled demolition is such that we have
invited people to see the truth under the pretext of debunking it. This
letter was sent to professors in many US/Europe/China/India/Brazil
Universities and please do not hesitate to duplicate. Volunteers are
needed. Now please send this to county police stations, fire chiefs,
City governments, police sheriffs, judges, magistrates, doctors,
lawyers, highschools and all institutions of civil govermnents.
Dear Professor,

Ever since the crime of the century on 9/11/2001, there have
been many conspiracy theories woven around the incident, and
even 1 Million challenge/reward has been posted:

Some say that jet fuel cannot melt iron because car accident
fires and plane fires have never melted even the steel body
of the car or the aluminum body of the plane involved in a
traffic accident. Only thermite can melt so much so fast.

The conspiracy theorists have erected an enormous body of
evidence and we APPEAL you to apply your intellectual power
to the known facts and debunk the conspiracy theorists who
are now the university professors and a blot on your occupation.

Much of their theory is based on the hypothesis of CONTROLLED
DEMOLITION based on compositional analysis, finding numerous
pieces of columns with diagonal cuts for ejection, pyroclastic
flow from pulverization of concrete into fluidized dust, and
numerous testimonies of explosions, which they present in videos
on the internet. They object that the pentagon was not hit by
a plane and FBI confiscated all the pentagon videos. Furthermore,
they have shown by producing a side by side video of Osama that
his confession video is a fake, and they call it a synthetic

Please visit their sites to debunk their spins:

They are using videos to make a spin in the tradition of Edward L
Bernays (Freud's Nephew, see wikipedia on him, and watch the video on
how he broke the taboo and convinced women to smoke.).

They claim that the government used explosives to bring down the
buildings in controlled demolition, and used thermate to manufacture
molten metal pools to put the blame on smoky jet fuel fire which
is ice cold for melting steel.
Please search google web for thermate using this link:

In the results you will find these videos that show their argument
on thermate in brief:

They have put popular mechanics in retreat as in this audio debate
with popular mechanics

5MB Audio download:

found via

They are also calling professor Noam Chomsky as the gate keeper of
the left. Here are the links:

Here's the discovery path:

On visit this:
Hugo Chavez and the sulfuric odor of "devil" Bush
22 September 2006,, Larry Chin

There, visit this:
Alternative Media Censorship

There are a lot of government grants available for research on this
subject intimately linked to terrorism. We ask you as concerned
citizens to exert your intellectual capabilities on this subject and
give an ethical public opinion.

If you can find a general thermodynamic type result that their
conspiracy theory is impossible and that the cars that burn in
accidents can melt their steel body and planes can melt their
aluminum from jet fuel or a plane crash can quickly cause mixing
of the needed reactants to produce a fast thermate reaction with
sulfur from the gypsum wall board, the Administration would have won.

Thank you for your time, fortitude and intellectual honesty.

If you know someone in departments of Mechanical Engineering,
Structural Engineering, Combustion Science and Engineering, Chemistry,
Physics, Materials Science, Metallurgy who would have expertise in the
subject, please pass on the email and just view the videos as a
responsible informed citizen and for its highly entertaining value.
There is also a lot of material to work with for your subject area
of research and study.

Concerned Citizens Appeal to you !!!

We have sent this email to select recipients who will be proud of
the government and know how to propagate the information intelligently.

If any of the video links dont work, and censored, just visit and also and search for terms like
"thermate" "911 fraud" "steven jones" "alex jones" and you
shall find a lot of stuff. Finally one more video archive:

Please prove your government right so that you can be again proud of

Wolfgang Aushner

Concerned Citizens Appeal to you one last time thru this email !!!

of fat-nosed Osama with the actual Osama.
American Patriot Friends Network
Here's their argument from one website:

The exact goal of 9/11 was to create the appearance of a terrorist
operation and large death toll. Some people had to be sacrificed and
the ideological motive came from the training in skull and bones and
the Bohemian Grove that Alex Jones has so admirably exposed in a great
piece of investigative journalism and the full video of his penetration
in that evil bohemian grove is on google.

Although the building was demolished, intentionally with people inside,
the blame for demolition had to be put on the "terrorists" and a
plausible agent had to be found. The only plausible agent that could be
found was fire. The impact of the plane could not bring the buildings
down. If fire had to be made the scapegoat, and fire was not, thermite
was to do its job secretly and put the blame on the jet fuel. They
thought that the dynamics of combustion and fire is complex enough that
people will not be able to figure it out.

Thats why thermate was used. Unfortunately, this is their undoing as
thermate was a single piece of evidence that shows the inside job.
Someone had to plant it.

Once our minds became free and we were on the right track of thinking,
we began to see even more.

Dust and paper => explosives, ie shattering agent.
Horizontal ejection velocity => an agent other than gravity.
Demolition wave ahead of free fall => not just explosives but
synchronized explosives.
WT7 without plane hitting => to reinforce the illusion of fire, but it
is a demolition

Who had the means, motive and opportunity ?

Marvin Bush ran the security firm.
There were power shutdowns to disable security cameras.
The detonation cables were laid down under the pretext of ethernet
cables. Were coaxials were used to synchronize explosions???
Bomb sniffing dogs were removed to prevent discovery.

The gatekeeper robbed the bank. Most successful bank robberies involve
a conspiracy of inside job.


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