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speedbar and gdba

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: speedbar and gdba
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 20:31:51 +1300

> I realise I'm probably missing something incredibly obvious here and
> have googled away with no success:

Have you tried the Emacs manual?

> if I debug in emacs using gdba (gdb), I can bring up speedbar view by
> hiliting a variable and hitting C-c C-w for "watch".

If you enable the toolbar (which I find handy for debugging) you can
just click on the glasses icon.

> But I'm damned if I can get the speedbar to expand and show the member
> data!!!

> Any hints & tips much appreciated.

Emacs Manual:
Building -> Debuggers -> GDB Graphical Interface -> Watch Expressions

With the toolbar just click on the question mark icon.

> I have tried hitting enter (prompts me for new value), clicking, double
> clicking, right clicking  : nothing. There is a "+" there indicating it
> can be expanded - but I get nothing.

Have you tried with mouse-2 (middle button)?

> Suggestions for tracking the problem down? Or is it glaringly obvious?

I was going to say if you have a two button mouse typing RET will work
but that doesn't appear to be the case.  Perhaps I've broken something,
I'll look into it.

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