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Re: Display corruption with binary files

From: August Karlstrom
Subject: Re: Display corruption with binary files
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 10:30:16 GMT
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Robert Thorpe skrev:
August Karlstrom wrote:

When I open any binary file with Emacs in console mode (emacs -nw) the
display gets corrupted (the menu and parts of the mode line disappears).
In GUI mode it works as expected. I use GNU Emacs version 21.4.1 and
gnome-terminal 2.16.1 under Ubuntu 6.10.

Any clues?

Bits of the binary file being interpreted at terminal control
characters is a likely culprit.

OK, but isn't a binary file as well as a text file really just a sequence of arbitrary bytes?

If that is the problem then Emacs should not send such characters to
the terminal.  It may be a terminal problem though.  I'd report it as
an Emacs bug with that caveat.

Eli Zaretskii's answer seems to indicate that this is a known problem.



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