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Re: regexp match failure

From: sandro.dentella
Subject: Re: regexp match failure
Date: 22 Nov 2006 10:50:07 -0800
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> `\S' is not a valid regexp, it needs a following syntax code.  And since
> you apparently want to match characters which *are* letters rather than
> those which are *not*, `\s' is the appropriate construct with the `w'
> code: "^\\sw+:"

ok, thanks for pointing this out, I'm just too used to perl/python
regexp that I passed over it

> Inside of the `[...]' construct, backslash constructs are not special
> (RTFM).  But in Emacs 22 you can do this: "^[[:alnum:]]+:"

I ended up using \\S-+ to catch also the '-' char.

Thanks again

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