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Re: Aquamacs

From: david . reitter
Subject: Re: Aquamacs
Date: 20 Nov 2006 23:56:38 -0800
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address@hidden wrote:

> I just downloaded Aquamacs on my OS X. But I've got 2 problems:
> - I can't adjust my color settings; if I set e.g. (set-background-color
> "black") in my Preferences.el file, this has no effect (the file is
> read, since syntax errors are reported)

`set-background-color' does this, according to the documentation (C-h f
set-background-color RET):

"Set the background color of the selected frame to color-name."

However, only the current frame is selected when Preferences.el is
called, and nothing says that this is to be the default background -
hence it may (and will be!) set to something else again. Have a look at
the "Frame Appearance Styles" menu - this set of functions sets the
frame style according to the major mode. When you have several frames
open, you can more easily distinguish their contents if, for instance,
the background colors differ.

> - If I edit a Python file, no indentions are made, do I have to
> activate the Python mode?

Should be activated automatically when you open a .py file. Does it say
"python-mode" in the mode line, i.e. (almost) at the bottom of the
editing window?
If not, M-x python-mode (M-x is Option-X or ESC X) in Aquamacs will
help - alternatively, use the "Change Buffer Mode" function in the
"File" menu.

Hope that helps.

-- -- Aquamacs: Emacs on Mac OS X

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