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Re: Several questions on SLIME customizations

From: Victor Kryukov
Subject: Re: Several questions on SLIME customizations
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 18:54:06 -0600
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"Robert Thorpe" <address@hidden> writes:

Robert - thanks for your answers.

>> b/ it will not work with
>> defmacro, or with any other top-level form. I would like to have something
>> like (beginning-of-top-level-form) - again, I don't know if such beast
>> exists
> Beginning-of-defun means that in the most broadest sense, it works with
> other forms like defmacro.

Indeed, you're right - beginning-of-defun function works with _any_
top-level form, not only with defun.

>> loading lisp, and after it finish, it renames the buffer back. Can I
>> attach a function to the moment when slime finish it's load process -
>> like defining hook for a major mode?
> Probably, don't know.  Code like the above very rarely works.  Normally
> when a big internal Emacs feature is invoked it makes it's own buffers.
>  People on comp.lang.lisp might know the right hook.

OK, will do that.

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