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Re: C-M-w and active region

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: C-M-w and active region
Date: 20 Nov 2006 11:18:08 -0800
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Dieter Wilhelm wrote:
> Hi
> Do you know a good reason why C-M-w could not append an already active
> region to the kill-buffer instead of typing C-M-w and M-w?

It probably could, but it would be difficult to type.  Consider:-
C-w kill-region ie cut
M-w kill-ring-save - ie save the region
C-M-w append-next-kill

If it meant "append this kill" then someone could type C-w mis-hitting
M and not notice until they needed to do the paste.

> This applies also to C-w: I'd like to append some kill to the first
> entry of the kill-ring, why shouldn't C-M-w be able to do this by
> itself when it detects an active region and a previous C-w? I think
> the current convention is less efficient: First to type C-M-w, then
> activating a region and then the need for killing it.

Try changing it and see what happens.  It may work better for you.  I
hardly ever use C-M-w.

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