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Re: longlines-mode and newline-and-indent

From: roodwriter
Subject: Re: longlines-mode and newline-and-indent
Date: 19 Nov 2006 13:08:13 -0500
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"address@hidden" <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm trying to get some functionality using longlines-mode and
> and-indent. Essentially, I want to write text under longlines-mode
> (soft returns at the fill column) but still be able to automatically
> indent my 5-spaces on line (hard) returns via the return key. I
> believe newline-and-indent is seeing the soft return from longlines-
> mode as the last indentation, and not indenting at all. Any help
> would be appreciated... also, if this is the incorrect approach for
> this behavior, please let me know ;-)
> Thanks-
> T

I've found that using longlines.el with paragraph-indent-text-mode
will give you the classic tabbed paragraph using M-i to tab. (There
are also C-q C-i and C-q tab).

You could use a macro, I suppose, to return and then tab. I one time
tried to redefine the tab key to M-i but found it made some of my
macros act strange. You'd need to use some keystroke command that
isn't already in use.

That said, as a full-time writer who uses longlines.el, I've found it
easier to use the block paragraph style when writing--a blank line
between paragraphs. There are many Emacs commands dealing with
paragraphs that won't work correctly with tabbed paragraphs. It's easy
to make a macro--I have a permanent one because I do this all the
time--that converts back and forth.

Block paragraphs also allow you to use regular text mode, which seems
to work better for me when I use outline-mode, which is all the time.

Hope this helps.

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