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Re: indent-region for long Java strings very slow

From: Ilya Zakharevich
Subject: Re: indent-region for long Java strings very slow
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 07:55:54 +0000 (UTC)
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[A complimentary Cc of this posting was sent to
David Combs
<address@hidden>], who wrote in article <address@hidden>:
> >Nowadays all the decent modes should have linear-time logic for
> >indent.  It looks like c-mode is not decent enough...

> FOI: are you perhaps thinking of fixing it?

I fixed the mode(s) I care about the same moment I made
parse-partial-sexp smart enough to support linear-time logic.  If you
are interested in fixing other modes, I may try to find this 10-years
old patch.  Or just look how cperl-emacs-can-parse is used in

Hope this helps,

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