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RE: Nested grep

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Nested grep
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 09:35:41 -0800

> > OK. I just added similar commands to compile+20.el, for use with Emacs
> > versions prior to 22:
> > However, since there is no grep-specific keymap prior to Emacs
> 22, I have
> > not bound the new commands.
> >
> Thanks, it's working well.  Though I'm missing something like I
> originally suggested: an easy way to go back to the previous grep
> buffer.
> I think when one opens a new grep buffer (while keeping the previous
> one) then one usually does it to quickly investigate something which
> occured when perusing the first grep. So it would be logical to have a
> means to easily close the current grep buffer and return to the
> previous one.
> Currently, in your implementation pressing 'q' in the grep buffer only
> closes the current one leaving to the user to switch to the previous
> grep buffer. Wouldn't make it more sense for q to switch to the last
> recently used grep buffer if there is one? With an option maybe?

Hi Tamas. Just use `choose-grep-buffer', instead of `q'. That will switch to
another grep buffer in place of the current one. The default value is now
the last-used grep buffer, so just use M-n to get that.

Download the latest compile+20.el - I just added the completion default. I
hadn't bothered to do that before (grep+.el uses `grep-last-buffer', which
isn't defined in Emacs 20).

HTH - Drew

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