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jka-compr-ccrypt-buffer-password is nil after opening an encrypted file

From: Andre Kuehne
Subject: jka-compr-ccrypt-buffer-password is nil after opening an encrypted file
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 21:14:54 +0100
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Hello everybody

I am having some trouble with the jka-compr-ccrypt extension:
When opening an encrypted file with jka-compr-ccrypt i get
prompted for the password and after entering the correct one
the file opens normaly.

When i want to save any changes i get asked for the password
again. Looking at the "jka-compr-ccrypt-buffer-password" variable
(which is buffer-local and should hold the entered password) turns
out it is nil. But if you explicitly set the variable with
M-x ccrypt-set-buffer-password you can later save the file
without additional prompting.

I did some debugging and found that the variable gets correctly
set after prompting for the password when opening the file, but
it seems that some other part of emacs then resets it again to nil.
However i was not able to identify the exact location
where the reset happens. All i can say that the variable still holds
the password when jka-compr-ccrypt-insert-file-contents returns.

> emacs --version
GNU Emacs

Can anyone help with this?

Best regards

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