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Universal file selector with Emacs

From: address@hidden
Subject: Universal file selector with Emacs
Date: 12 Nov 2006 00:44:48 -0800
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After posting this thread

the thought occurred to me this didnt' have to be globalff specific.

One could create a separate library which when invoked would simple pop
up an emacs frame with gnuclient, read a file name with a configurable
method and then send the file name to the active application.

This way any Emacs file selection method could be used (traditional
completion, globalff, Icicles, etc) to select a file to open in any
application. Emacs file selection is far more powerful and efficent
than the usual file open dialogs provided by GUIs in these days, so it
could be a nice improvement over them.

If anyone feels like creating this file selection frontend package
(which should be pretty small and simple I think) then here you can
find an initial implementaion if you search for the word

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