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Re: Keep getting "can't open /usr/local/lib/english.hash" for ispell

From: Olive
Subject: Re: Keep getting "can't open /usr/local/lib/english.hash" for ispell
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 23:46:15 +0100
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Abbott, Kevin-p98710 wrote:
Ispell problem - cannot find dictionary - although path and file exists

- I have emacs 21.3 running on a windows machine (XP).
- Also I have cygwin on the same machine.
- I downloaded the latest ispell software and the program is located at C:\usr\local\bin. (emacs finds and runs the ispell program)

- The ispell library (dictionary (english.hash) is located at C:\usr\local\lib ---I have checked the dictionary is at this location

- When run ispell (M-x ispell or from the menu) the ispell program is fouind and starts running. However, I keep getting the error message_* "can't open /usr/local/lib/english.hash."*_

- I don't see any variables to change the location and emacs can find the ispell program which is on the same branch.

Any help/suggestions?


You have to set the ISPELLDICTDIR environment variable to point to the directory where the dictionary are installed (you can do so by Control Pannel->System->Advanced->Environment variables)


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