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From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: Debian/GFDL
Date: 10 Nov 2006 18:06:53 +0100
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I am a long-time Emacs (12 years) and Debian (5 years) user, and I have
just discovered that Emacs is without documentation on recent Debian.
After some Google search, I also discovered the reason: the GNU Free
Documentation License (GFDL) does not comply with the Debian guidelines,
and I also found the remedy "apt-get install emacs21-common-non-dfsg".

I am uncertain about which is the right direction wrt to the GFDL.  I am
relatively sure that RMS has put some thought and legal advice into it, and
I am also not sure if simple things would work in most countries (e.g. you
cannot simply give up your rights on creative works in Germany).  On the
other hand, I find the GDL a very complicated license which probably leads
to maintenance problems later on.

In any case, I find the current situation extremely annoying and think that
something should be changed.  However, I fear that RMS and the Debian folks
are equally stubborn.  Does anyone have a good idea?


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