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RE: minibuffer output to buffer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: minibuffer output to buffer
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 13:54:32 -0800

> how can I get the output which shows in the mini buffer into the
> current buffer.
> example
> M-x emacs-version shows in minibuffer.

Good question - this is a FAQ.

Actually most stuff like that is displayed in the echo area, not the
minibuffer. The minibuffer and the echo area share the same screen real
estate, so it's easy to confuse them.

The minibuffer is for user input, though some stuff, such as a prompt, does
get displayed there.

The echo area is for output - messages and echoes of keystrokes. You cannot
type text there.

Similarly, you cannot select text that is displayed in the echo area.
However, the good news is that most messages displayed in the echo area are
also logged in buffer *Messages*. So, just do `C-x b *Messages*' and then
select the text there.

In Emacs 22, clicking mouse-1 in the echo area, as if trying to select text
there, automatically displays buffer *Messages*.

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