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compilation-error-regexp-alist column doesnt work

From: Florian Kaufmann
Subject: compilation-error-regexp-alist column doesnt work
Date: 8 Nov 2006 08:06:00 -0800
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I try making next-error not only to jump to the correct line in the
correct file, but also to the correct column within that line. As I
understand it, having gnu in compilation-error-regexp-systems-list
should already do the trick. But it doesn't for me. So I adjusted
compilation-error-regexp-alist to the following:

(("[    ]*\\(\\([a-zA-Z]:\\)?[^:(       \n-]+\\):\\([0-9]+\\):\\([0-9]+\\):" 1
3 4))

I do a search, and in the *grep* buffer I have lines like the following

./MyFile.h:43:27: BlaBla

next-error makes everything correct, except that point is always at the
beginning of the line, and not in the column it should be, 27 in the
case of the above example. What do I miss?



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