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cyrillic emacs

From: Martin Ivanov
Subject: cyrillic emacs
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 22:05:38 +0200 (GMT+02:00)

Yes, the files ending in multi, kbd, etc. were not originally in the ispell 
directory, I moved them there manually because they were originally copied to  
the home directory, where I do not think their place is. Obviously they should 
not be in /usr/lib/ispell either. However, I could not think of any place more 
suitable for them.
There last two posts were send to the address@hidden mailing list, but so  far 
nobody else has ventured to contact me. 

Thank you for your attention.

 >-------- Оригинално писмо --------
 >От:  Peter Dyballa <address@hidden>
 >Относно: Re: emacs cyrillic
 >До: Martin Ivanov <address@hidden>
 >Изпратено на: Вторник, 2006, Ноември 7 20:34:49 GMT+02:00
 >Am 07.11.2006 um 14:01 schrieb Martin Ivanov:
 >> What can be done so that bulgarian appears in that menu?
 >I don't know. I had with Latin script based HASH files never such  
 >problems. What I do know is, that for example a first line like this  
 >in a file:
 >      ;; -*- mode: Emacs-Lisp; coding: iso-8859-15; -*-
 >sets a mode and an encoding. Buffer-local variables can also be set  
 >at the bottom of a file:
 >      %%% Local Variables:
 >      %%% mode: latex
 >      %%% coding: iso-8859-15
 >      %%% TeX-master: t
 >      %%% End:
 >This sets most of the file's (buffer's) parameters.
 >> If I choose something different from american or english, emacs  
 >> complains it cannot find the respective .hash file in /usr/lib/ 
 >> ispell. And it is ok, since the contents of /usr/lib ispell is :
 >> american.hash@    bg.multi       bulgarian.aff    bulgarian.kbd   
 >> english.hash@
 >> americanmed.hash  bg.rws         bulgarian.alias  cp1251.dat
 >> bg.dat            bg_phonet.dat  bulgarian.hash   english.aff
 >Among these file the *.multi, *.rwd, *.dat, *.alias, *.kbd are no  
 >ispell files. Some of them belong to aspell. Could be the .hash files  
 >are not ispell. 'file <file name>' should tell you what kind of file  
 ><file name> is. Could be they are not ispell ...
 >If you would send your questions and answers to the list, others  
 >could participate.
 >   Pete
 >"A mathematician is a machine that turns coffee into theorems."

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