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special keyboard, ctrl below spacebar

From: Florian Kaufmann
Subject: special keyboard, ctrl below spacebar
Date: 6 Nov 2006 16:18:14 -0800
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Since I moved Ctrl to Caps Lock on my 'US windows' keyboard, I am
wondering how I still could improve accessibility to modifier keys as
ctrl, meta, shift (, hyper, super). I thought it would be great to have
2 of these left and right to the middle below the space bar. With the
left pinkie and the two thumbs the modifiers would be reachable very
easy, and while pressing any of these modifiers you still could reach
easily almost any other key with the other fingers. A similar idea
would also be to make the space bar much shorter, and place the two new
keys at the side of the now shorter space bar. The new keys would be
reachable more easily than alt is now beside the long space bar. Now I
wonder if such keyboards already exist, or if somebody knows how I
could alter an existing keyboard and make the two additional keys
myself. I googled a bit, but didn't found anything. Any ideas?



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