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Re: .Xdefaults preferences in emacs 21.4.1

From: reader
Subject: Re: .Xdefaults preferences in emacs 21.4.1
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2006 19:03:39 -0600
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Rob McMillin <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm re-asking this because it seems like the first time I asked all I
> got was crickets chirping...
> As a result of upgrading to Fedora Core 5, I also inherited the 21.4
> release of emacs. The problem with this seems to be that the .Xdefaults
> file (set in the XENVIRONMENT environment variable) is no longer heeded
> as it was in the 21.3 release.  Questions:
> 1) I've been over the new Info pages and it doesn't seem to
> mention .Xdefaults as a source of configuration data anymore that I can
> see.  Am I missing something here?
> 2) If there is no way for this to work, how can I easily convert
> my .Xdefaults file (as lines in my .emacs file, say) so it sets up my
> emacs session colors to the way it used to be?

It is OS related not emacs.   I no longer use Fedora for quite a while
now (about 1.9 yrs) so this may not work anymore.

Create a symlink at ~/.xresources that points to .Xdefaults
Restart X and see if your old settings appear.

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