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emacs cyrillic

From: Martin Ivanov
Subject: emacs cyrillic
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 18:38:02 +0200 (GMT+02:00)


I am running Slackware Linux 11.0 with   kernel 2.6.18 and Gnu Emacs 21.4a.
I set emacs to be able to write cyrillic using the bulgarian.el file:
My problem is, what should I do so that when I open a file with cyrillic 
letters, after having saved it, it is displayed correctly. I tried saving with 
a variety of encodins, but in vain. Besides, I want to enable spell-check for 
bulgarian, but I do not know how. I have installed ispell-bg and in 
/usr/lib/ispell I have the files bulgarian.hash and bulgarian.aff, but emacs 
does not seem to see them. 

I would be thankful to any suggestions.

Thank you very much in advance.


Survivor BG. Оцеляването продължава на 

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