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Re: File I/O

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: File I/O
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 16:54:28 -0000
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On 2006-11-02, Robert Thorpe <address@hidden> wrote:
>> IOWS: read a file
>>       process stream a line at a time
>>        process programmatically
> Not really.  The normal way of doing the above is to create a buffer
> for the file first.
> It might be better if you tell us what you're trying to do, that makes
> it easier to suggest something.

 My hope was to read a file into an emacs data structure. 
 text delimited by an arbitrary line ( blank or all hyphens as an

 the data structure would be a list of lists.

 each internal list would have 3 elements.

 the first two would be strings, the last a list of strings.
 and the structure would be accessed via 'assoc.
 ( ;; begin parent structure
  ( ;; begin element
   "chop"  ;; key
   "Remove last member" ;; terse description
   ("Line one" "Line two" "Line three") ;; verbose description

 I've created such a structure using a General Purpose Programming
 Language, but had headaches with escaping. Thought using emacs
 might bypass that problem.


Tim Johnson <address@hidden>

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