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Re: Emacs doesn't load .emacs

From: Hendrik Bilges
Subject: Re: Emacs doesn't load .emacs
Date: 2 Nov 2006 13:16:08 GMT
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> Five possibilities:-
> * Somewhere else in the .emacs file you have a misplaced paren or
> comment opener causing (display-time) not be evaluated
> * The filename of the file you've created is not quite ".emacs",
> perhaps the "." is in a strange character set
> * Ubuntu does something strange like renaming what .emacs should be
> called (SUSE used to do this)
> * The emacs you have is very broken
> * The linux distro you have is very broken

I found out that for some unknown reason emacs was invoked with the -q
option that prevents loading of the configuration file. I simply
reinstalled emacs and now everything is fine.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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