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RE: Fell in love with that color theme & fonts, how can I make it?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Fell in love with that color theme & fonts, how can I make it?
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 11:12:40 -0700

    how to set those fonts and color theme for my Lisp editing on Emacs
    running on Linux?

There are a couple of steps:

1. Finding out just what colors and fonts to use.
2. Setting them.
3. Saving those settings.

For step #1, you're somewhat on your own, since you're trying to reproduce a
screen capture, and don't know what the desired color and font names are. As
a shortcut, you might try emailing the author to ask what fonts, faces etc.
to use.

Alternatively, you can try to reproduce the colors interactively, using
library DoReMi - it lets you increment/decrement color components
interactively. This will be quick to do, but keep in mind that the screen
shot only shows some of the available faces - there are lots more.

See for a simple way to
use DoReMi to change face and frame colors - you just point to some text in
the face you want to change and then modify the face incrementally.

This also takes care of step #2, for the face and frame colors.

For fonts, things are a bit trickier, in your case. If you don't know the
font you want, and you don't even know if that font is installed on your
machine, the best you can do is cycle through the fonts you do have, to see
if one of them corresponds to what you want. You can use command
`doremi-font' to do that, but it will take a while to run through your
installed fonts. For general info on changing fonts, see

For step #3, once you get the faces and frame parameters (font, colors)
looking the way you want them, you need to save them for future use - see
ters for how to do that.


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