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Re: using Xresources for geometry

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: using Xresources for geometry
Date: 30 Aug 2005 18:21:00 +1000
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Baloff <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello
> in my Xresources I have
> emacs*Background: Black
> emacs*Foreground: White
> emacs*pointerColor: White
> emacs*cursorColor: White
> emacs*bitmapIcon: on
> emacs*font: fixed
> emacs*geometry: 160x80
> the last line I changed from 80x40 but no changes happened when I
> restarted emacs.
> isn't suppose to work?
> nothing in my .emacs which has to do with (setq initial-frame-alist

What window manager are you using? some window managers will
"remember" the last size you had emacs set to and will restore that
and override any geometry setting. In particular, I've been bitten by
this in the past with (I think) gnome+sawfish and KDE.


Tim Cross
The e-mail address on this message is FALSE (obviously!). My real e-mail is
to a company in Australia called rapttech and my login is tcross - if you 
really need to send mail, you should be able to work it out!

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