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emacs xft patch

From: Nicolas Hüppelshäuser
Subject: emacs xft patch
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 08:33:30 +0200
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I found the gnu emacs xft patch via the emacs wiki (
cgi-bin/wiki/XftGnuEmacs).  Unfortunalty I didn't succeed on getting the 
patch with the shown 'tla' commands, nor have I been able to screw the patch 
by hand on the source files of the emacs 21.4a sources.  So there are some 
infos I missed.  Which emacs version is the patch for?

As for the tla commands the first one succeeds, but the second one failes with 
the error message:
> tla get address@hidden/emacs/emacs--xft-jhd--0
get: invalid revision spec (address@hidden/emacs/emacs--xft-jhd--0)

After downloading the patch tarballs by hand, extracting the 
'emacs--xft-jhd--0--patch-1.patches' tarball, I tried to patch each contained 
file by hand on the emacs 21.4a sources.  But at least one file should be 
patched, which isn't part of the source (any more?!), and the 
'' fails as well as others.  So, which emacs version is 
this patch for?

best regards

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