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Re: re-search repeat by \{N\} not working. Bug?

From: rgb
Subject: Re: re-search repeat by \{N\} not working. Bug?
Date: 22 Aug 2005 15:39:10 -0700
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> "\ [A-Z]\{3\}\ "
> should find a 3letter Word surrounded by blanks

I'm not sure of your indended purpose in the "\ "
sequence but I'd guess that could be your problem.

All these work fine for me.  Each matches 3 letter words
with slight differences in what constitutes a word.  For
example the first won't match a word if it begins in the
first column or ends in the last column of a line or is
delimited by punctuation such as a period or comma or is
preceeded or followed by a tab rather than a space.  The
2nd allows for tab characters and possibly eol but not
punctuation.  The 3rd and 4th are very similar.  They
allow punction, tab, space and eol characters and differ
only in whether the delimiting character is considered
part of the match or just required but not actually part
of it.

Interactively typed          String used programmatically
 [A-Za-z]\{3\} <ret>         " [A-Za-z]\\{3\\} "
\s-[A-Za-z]\{3\}\s-<ret>     "\\s-[A-Za-z]\\{3\\}\\s-"
\Sw[A-Za-z]\{3\}\Sw<ret>     "\\Sw[A-Za-z]\\{3\\}\\Sw"
\b[A-Za-z]\{3\}\b<ret>       "\\b[A-Za-z]\\{3\\}\\b"

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