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adding extensions to cc-mode

From: jose_luis_fdez_diaz_news
Subject: adding extensions to cc-mode
Date: 22 Aug 2005 03:05:46 -0700
User-agent: G2/0.2


I went through the code in the .emacs file and tried to add .pc file
extensions to the auto-mode-alist, but it still doesn't color my .pc
files when I bring them up.  I am runnig emacs on Windows. Got any

;; This is how emacs tells the file type by the file suffix.
(setq auto-mode-alist
      (append '(("\\.mss$" . scribe-mode))
              '(("\\.bib$" . bibtex-mode))
              '(("\\.tex$" . latex-mode))
              '(("\\.obj$" . lisp-mode))
              '(("\\.st$"  . smalltalk-mode))
              '(("\\.Z$"   . uncompress-while-visiting))
              '(("\\.cs$"  . indented-text-mode))
              '(("\\.C$"   . c++-mode))
              '(("\\.cc$"  . c++-mode))
              '(("\\.icc$" . c++-mode))
              '(("\\.c$"   . c-mode))
              '(("\\.pc$"   . c-mode))
              '(("\\.y$"   . c-mode))
              '(("\\.h$"   . c++-mode))

Thanks in advance,
Jose Luis.

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