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Re: tex-dvi-view-command and auctex

From: Rajneesh Hegde
Subject: Re: tex-dvi-view-command and auctex
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 11:48:14 -0400

> a new document. I tried setting the tex-dvi-view-command, but with no result.

I use AUCTeX with MikTeX (on Windows), so my options might be
different, but I don't have an option like the one you mention.

Instead, try TeX-output-view-style (or, on older versions,
TeX-view-style) in the TeX Command group.

A better solution might be to set the right X resources for doing
this, so you'll get that option even when invoking xdvi outside of
auctex. A quick google search on "xdvi X resources" should get you the
how-to. ope this helps,


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