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Re: How to uncomment Perl program in emacs?

From: Andy
Subject: Re: How to uncomment Perl program in emacs?
Date: 18 Aug 2005 19:45:12 -0700
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David Hansen 写道:

> At least in more recent versions of emacs M-; should work for
> commenting and uncommenting the region.
> David

I believe my GNU emacs (20.3.1) should be pretty recent, and I can use
"M-x comment-region" to comment out Perl code. BUT my problem is that I
don't know how to uncomment the region. Unfortunately, it seems that
there is no command as "uncomment-region" as one will naturally think
to complement to command of "comment-region".

Therefore, I really get stucked without knowing a good way to uncomment
a block of Perl code other than having to deleting those comment
symbols, "#" in Perl case, line by line, which is of course a painfully
inconvenient way to do the work. 


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