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From: Baloff
Subject: emacs-calc
Date: 18 Aug 2005 21:44:26 +1000
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please point to the right group if this does not belong here.

using emacs-calc "Embedded Mode", I tried it on my *scratch* buffer,
not working, here is what it does.
I copied this region from the info buffer to do a demo
     The derivative of




when I point to this last line's formula, hit 'M-# e' it then moves
the last line formula to the beginning of the line, then hit 'a d x'
according to the doc to evaluate it, it does not insert the solution
any where and it flashes some horizontal lines in the top line of the
buffer and in the mini-buffer, as if it is not understanding the
typed commands. it is only when I move the pointer to the x it works,
and changes the last line from ln(ln(x)) to 1 / ln(x) x

is this a bug? do I have to point the most inner argument to all nested
operation for it to work?


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