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Re: how to change file coding system

From: Martin Monsorno
Subject: Re: how to change file coding system
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 10:05:42 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

>> I tried many ways of opening the file
> But none of them is what I suggested...

Sure!  I should have said that I tried many ways /including/ the one
suggested by you.  When emacs asks me what coding system to use after
pressing C-x <RET> c, the default it suggests (in parentheses on the
modeline) is "mule-utf-8".  After opening it your way,
buffer-file-coding-system's value is raw-text-unix, nevertheless.

>> Some details are in my followup to Peter's posting.
> But none of that clears up the situation in any way...  They are just
> random trials, nothing more.
> Please try my suggestions.  Alternatively, send the offending file(s)
> as binary attachments (preferably base64-encoded), and someone will
> figure out what's wrong.

I will append the files.  As I don't know how to base64-encode it
explicitly and well, I will just append also a tar file containing the
three files.

> In any case, the fact that Emacs thinks the file is encoded
> raw-text-unix indicates that there are some bytes in the file that
> don't belong to ISO-8859.  Perhaps that clue will help you solve the
> problem (you can use hexl-find-file to see the raw bytes in the file).

Hmm, this only shows me, that file (the command) seems to be correct
with it's suggestions.  So it seems, emacs is not.


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