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Re: key binding with windows and menu keys

From: Tyler
Subject: Re: key binding with windows and menu keys
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 09:13:29 -0400
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Yes, that's what got me started on this little project in the first place. I've now got scroll-other-window(-down) bound to M-down and M-up, respectively, as well as to <windows>-, and <windows>-. with switch to other window on <windows>-/. When I decide which way I like it best I'll delete the extra bindings, and I'm going to add something for C-x b, which I also use alot.

Thanks again for your help!


Peter Dyballa wrote:

Have you both tried too to bind the function scroll-other-window-down to a key? Maybe Shift-<Windows key> or Shift-<Windows key + the other key>?

I often scroll back ...



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