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Re: building emacs cvs on macosx tiger

From: Flatman
Subject: Re: building emacs cvs on macosx tiger
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 22:47:53 +0200
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* Sean Sieger <address@hidden> wrote:
| Flatman <address@hidden> writes:
| > might this be the reason ?
| With a limited amount of time last night I went through emacs/mac/, emacswiki
| and looked for mail lists at apple. I couldn't find anything about compiling
| cvs emacs on mac which tells me that I wasn't looking in the right places. I
| can only suggert that  you read the README and INSTALL files in mac/ very
| carefully and see if that gives you any ideas for what you ought to be
| googling for--in fact, have you scoured the archives for this very list? That
| would be my next move (again, after commiting to memory the above two files).

Found the solution !

Emacs cvs does not build with these packages installed with fink !

 i      libquicktime0   0.9.4-11        Enhanced quicktime4linux library
 i      libquicktime0-bin       0.9.4-11        Various commands using 
quicktime4linux library
 i      libquicktime0-shlibs    0.9.4-11        Shared libraries for 


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