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Re: refactoring

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: refactoring
Date: 15 Aug 2005 06:11:10 +0200
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On Wed, 10 Aug 2005, Martin Slouf wrote:

>  hello,
>  i just wanted to ask you, if anyone has some tips for a refactoring tool in
>  Emacs (which is free software).
>  i am quite happy with etags and search and replace in all tagged files, but
>  it is not so long i was playing with Eclipse IDE and i was really amazed by
>  its refactoring capabilities.

I can recommend XRef which interacts very well with Emacs. But it is not free,
but for not commercial usage it has a very fair price - AFAIK ~ 20-30$...


>  thanks & nice day.
>  m.

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