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Re: life search

From: Baloff
Subject: Re: life search
Date: 14 Aug 2005 14:05:13 +1000
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Sean Sieger <address@hidden> writes:

>        I copied minibuf-isearch.el from the browser to
>        /etc/emacs21/minibuf-isearch.el
> I'm pretty new myself but shouldn't you just mv it to site-lisp/ ?

I don't know, I did that as well for no avail.
>     put (requrie 'minibuf-isearch) in my /.emacs

> If you spelled require that way, then you need to correct it.

no, it is a typo here only.

>     M-x C-r
>     M-x (isearch) [shell] then type m but it does not bring up the command
>     which has the letter m in it.  
> See ya, Baloff.
> -- 
> Sean Sieger

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