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Re: customizing double click

From: Rajneesh Hegde
Subject: Re: customizing double click
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 09:18:09 -0400

> Does the following excerpt from the ELisp manual help you understand
> the issue?

yeah, I think I understand that part, but can't figure out why my
customizing isn't working. When I rebind [double-down-mouse-1] to my
function, it gets executed on a double click (from the double-down
event) but the subsequent double-mouse-1 (click) event doesn't have
its usual selection effect. It seems that event does get generated,
though, because a debugging message I put in my function dimmediately
isappears from the echo area (presumably because of the double-mouse-1

However, what's more puzzling is that when I rebind 
[double-mouse-1] to my function, the double-down event should run
mouse-drag-region (as it gets demoted to a down-mouse-1 event) but
then the double-mouse (click) event should still run my function. But
it doesn't seem to, because debugging messages in the function don't
get printed. (I checked the *Messages* buffer.)

>       Before the double-click or double-drag event, Emacs generates a
>    "double-down" event when the user presses the button down for the
>    second time.  Its event type contains `double-down' instead of just
>    `down'.  If a double-down event has no binding, Emacs looks for an
>    alternate binding as if the event were an ordinary button-down event.
>    If it finds no binding that way either, the double-down event is
>    ignored.
>       To summarize, when you click a button and then press it again right
>    away, Emacs generates a down event and a click event for the first
>    click, a double-down event when you press the button again, and finally
>    either a double-click or a double-drag event.
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