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RE: Newbie: Copy&paste text from native application into emacs?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Newbie: Copy&paste text from native application into emacs?
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 09:49:17 -0700

    > I'm very new to emacs and I wonder how I can copy some text from my
    > webbrowser into an emacs buffer?

    To paste is called yank in emacs.
    (To copy is called kill-ring-save M-w and to cut is called kill-region
    C-w, but if you use emacs on X, then everytime you select (mark) a
    region, it's automatically "copied").

Helpful answer - the vocabulary can be confusing.

This kind of question (basics, terminology etc.) is dealt with very well in
both the Emacs manual and the newbie page on EmacsWiki.

Suggestion - How about adding a one-line footer automatically to each post

  Newbie info: 1) Control-h i Emacs 2)

It would add 62 bytes of traffic to each post, but it might cut down on lots
of newbie Q&A, and, more importantly, it would help teach people to fish for
themselves (instead of teaching them to feed here).

Don't get me wrong. All questions about Emacs are welcome here, no matter
how basic. My point is that this could help people by steering them to
existing explanations of some stuff. (We can also update the wiki with the
useful Q&A that arises here - anyone can contribute.)

[The text quoted above is an example of a newbie Q&A, even though the
complete thread shows that this particular Q&A is not so simple as it might
appear - Apple key sequences etc. My point here is a general one.]

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