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loading emacs on an SGI Octane

From: ghoffman
Subject: loading emacs on an SGI Octane
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 22:00:56 -0400


I'm trying to load emacs onto an SGI Octane that runs IRIX 6.5.19.  I have 
downloaded and unzipped the file for emacs 21.4a, but when I try the ./config 
command, the script can't find certain necessary files (gcc and cc, in 
particular).  What is the problem?  If additional files are required to load 
emacs, what are they and how do I get them.

(Please note that I am a novice at Unix, and completely ignorant of C.  Please 
be patient and use small common English words.  Thank you.)

Gerry Hoffman

Gerald J. Hoffman
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Edinboro, PA 16412



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