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Re: Edit file write protected by superuser rigths

From: Armin Goralczyk
Subject: Re: Edit file write protected by superuser rigths
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 19:58:24 +0200

Thank you all for the help. I work on Mac OS X, so all suggestions are viable.

Am 08.08.2005 um 23:35 schrieb Peter Dyballa:

Am 08.08.2005 um 22:47 schrieb Armin Goralczyk:

So how can I save the file provided that I can have superuser rights?

Use 'sudo chmod ... <the directory>' or 'sudo chown ... <the directory>' that you're allowed afterwards to save a file in that directory.

I was hoping I could do it from within emacs, so the above and 'sudo emacs file' (as suggested by whd) are not really a solution to my problem. I had a quick glance at tramp (as suggested by Sebastian P. Luque and Tim X) and it seems to be to complicated for my simple demands, but I will have a closer look soon.

Or save it to your home directory and move it afterwards as root/ with sudo.

This seems to be the easiest solution indeed and I already did this as a quick way around, but I hoped for a more elegant method. Thanks for help.


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