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Re: inserting a file

From: Christian Plate
Subject: Re: inserting a file
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 21:41:07 +0200
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Baloff <address@hidden> writes:
> what about inserting a command output say you are writing a post, or
> in the scratch buffer and want to type the output of a shell
> command. like $ls or whatever.

I'm quoting from the info-manual:

|    A numeric argument, as in `M-1 M-!', says to insert terminal output
| into the current buffer instead of a separate buffer.  It puts point
| before the output, and sets the mark after the output.  For instance,
| `M-1 M-! gunzip < foo.gz <RET>' would insert the uncompressed
| equivalent of `foo.gz' into the current buffer.

For more details have a look in info: Emacs->Shell->Single Shell

Regards, Christian

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