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Re: copy/paste change font color

From: Baloff
Subject: Re: copy/paste change font color
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 09:08:23 -0700
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Christian Plate wrote:
Baloff <address@hidden> writes:

when I copy using the mouse, from a c++ mode frame to text-mode frame,
it keeps the same font color of the text I am pasting, how can I make
it to change the text color to that which is the default for the frame
it is being pasted into.

You could customize "yank-excluded-properties" so that the face is not
copied. To do this, "M-x customize-option RET yank-excluded-properties"
click on the last INS to insert a new value and fill into the new field

This way the copied text won't get colored.

Regards, Christian

on my system
M-x customize-option RET yank<tab> yields yank-menu-length

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